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A pet fee is a one-time non-refundable fee for wear and tear and property damage Pet rent is a monthly fee to allow pets and cover wear and tear and property damage A pet deposit is a one-time refundable fee that covers property damage.

There are important differences, however, as to how we as attorneys are required to treat such payments, depending on the true nature of the payment and regardless of the language used in the fee agreement.

Exclusivity or lockout agreements are not ideal and may not be completely watertight, but they do offer a much higher level of protection for buyers who are in the position of having to pay a non refundable deposit.

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In looking at the above scenario, some of you may still be confused as to how the court decided that the photographer breached the contract. Many independent luxury hotels require a deposit in advance which is often refundable. There is no change.

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  • KUBRA charges a non-refundable convenience fee of 220 for payments up to 500.

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Never return of redemption, trip is non refundable deposit loss and postmarked by hand, call includes contracts: you want to remove wix ads. When cancellations are requested by the customers the customer understands that she will. Making cakes is a serious business.

Most people including many real estate professionals are not aware that California law has long held that it is not enough to simply label a deposit as nonrefundable Real estate sales contracts are governed by the same rules as other contracts in order to recover damages the seller must prove that he or she has.

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